Inheritance Acceptance, Albert Nyenhuis, 1913

Inheritance Acceptance, Albert Nyenhuis, 1913


Surrogate's Court - Monroe County

In the Matter of the Estate of
Derkje Nyenhuis, Late of the City
of Rochester, New York, Deceased.


North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada

I, Albert Nyenhuis, of North Battleford, Saskatchewan, Canada, do hereby certify that I have received this 24th day of June 1913, of Johanna Nyenhuis Van Wychkousce [sic] and John H. Nyenhuis, as Executors of the last Will and Testament of Derkje Nyenhuis, late of the City of Rochester, Monroe County, New York, the sum of five hundred (500.00) dollars in full satisfaction of the amount left to me under and by virtue of the Will of said deceased, and in accepting this payment I hereby recognize the validity of the said Will and accept said $500.00 in full payment of what is coming to me under the terms of the said Will, and I hereby accept the same in full payment and satisfaction of all claims that I have against said Estate of my mother, Derkje Nyenhuis. And I do hereby waive the issue and service on me of a citation to attend the judicial settlement of the accounts of said Executors in the Surrogate's Court of Monroe County for the purpose of having a final judicial settlement of the said estate.

[Signed Albert Nyenhuis]

Source: Monroe County, New York, Surrogate Court. Civic Center, Exchange St., Rochester, NY 14614. Photocopied June 25, 2007.