Rochester, New York, USA


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Birth   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Caroline  1 Jan 1907Rochester, New York, USA I1129 All Family 
2 Adams, Kenneth William  12 Dec 1928Rochester, New York, USA I0048 All Family 
3 Guttridge, Jessie  ABT. 1906Rochester, New York, USA I1390 All Family 
4 Kramer, George A.  September 18, 1896Rochester, New York, USA I0519 All Family 
5 Nyenhuis, Albert  9 Oct 1875Rochester, New York, USA I0894 All Family 
6 Nyenhuis, Harold A.  Abt. 1890Rochester, New York, USA I1544 All Family 
7 Nyenhuis, Nellie M.  May 21, 1883Rochester, New York, USA I1542 All Family 
8 VanWuyckhuyse, Roger  16 Jan 1915Rochester, New York, USA I0620 All Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Died   Person ID   Tree 
1 Abrey, William T.  10 Mar 1962Rochester, New York, USA I1102 All Family 
2 Abrey, William T. Jr.  Dec 1974Rochester, New York, USA I1147 All Family 
3 Adams, Ada  May 1969Rochester, New York, USA I1385 All Family 
4 Adams, Albert S.  21 Dec 1979Rochester, New York, USA I1113 All Family 
5 Adams, Caroline  16 Jul 1988Rochester, New York, USA I1129 All Family 
6 Adams, Elizabeth  13 Sep 1965Rochester, New York, USA I1000 All Family 
7 Gaede, Henriette  25 Mar 1910Rochester, New York, USA I1452 All Family 
8 Gliewe, Augusta C.  27 Feb 1936Rochester, New York, USA I0492 All Family 
9 Howald, Albertina Wilhelmina Fredericka  3 Dec 1963Rochester, New York, USA I0039 All Family 
10 McCrave, Raymond William Jr.  October 16, 2004Rochester, New York, USA I1596 All Family 
11 Pigorsch, Gustave Christian  14 Jun 1929Rochester, New York, USA I1451 All Family 
12 Radtke, William G.  ABT. 31 Oct 1949Rochester, New York, USA I0439 All Family 
13 Zollweg, Karl Albert Friedrich  19 Apr 1939Rochester, New York, USA I0534 All Family 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Married   Person ID   Tree 
1 Adams, Charles  1918Rochester, New York, USA I1007 All Family 
2 Adams, William James  28 May 1927Rochester, New York, USA I0047 All Family 
3 Baumgartner, Madeline Elizabeth  10 May 1905Rochester, New York, USA I0897 All Family 
4 Gliewe, Augusta C.  September 22, 1897Rochester, New York, USA I0492 All Family 
5 Goyette, Joseph Austin  10 May 1905Rochester, New York, USA I0896 All Family 
6 Howald, Adeline  Rochester, New York, USA I0038 All Family 
7 Howald, Eleanor Marie Pauline  October 1917Rochester, New York, USA I0518 All Family 
8 Howald, Ferdinand Wilhelm  September 22, 1897Rochester, New York, USA I0040 All Family 
9 Howald, Mary  August 28, 1907Rochester, New York, USA I0526 All Family 
10 Howald, Pauline Caroline  31 Aug 1899Rochester, New York, USA I0041 All Family 
11 Kramer, George A.  October 1917Rochester, New York, USA I0519 All Family 
12 Mall, Edna Adeline Amelia  28 Jun 1930Rochester, New York, USA I0158 All Family 
13 Nyenhuis, Albert  31 Aug 1899Rochester, New York, USA I0894 All Family 
14 Nyenhuis, Lillian Augusta  28 May 1927Rochester, New York, USA I0033 All Family 
15 Nyenhuis, Richard Alfred  28 Jun 1930Rochester, New York, USA I0898 All Family 
16 Peath, Ferdinand H.  Rochester, New York, USA I0914 All Family 
17 Scholls, Mildred  1918Rochester, New York, USA I1406 All Family 
18 Schultz, Arnold  August 28, 1907Rochester, New York, USA I0527 All Family